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Fall/Winter garden

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Point Grey, Vancouver, BC
Garden Size: 29' 11" x 29' 11"
Garden Type: Backyard / back garden
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: -
Garden Soil Type: -

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Arugula 715cm10cm x 20cm 
Bay 145cm45cm x 60cm 
Beet 1515cm10cm x 20cm 
Bok Choy 720cm20cm x 25cm 
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting)
 Purple Sprouting
160cm60cm x 60cm 
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting) 160cm60cm x 60cmMay be a bit late to get started but if you can find starts in the store that might be best.
Cabbage (Spring) 360cm60cm x 60cmSow now and leave to overwinter. Harvest in spring.
Carrot 2010cm10cm x 15cm 
Chives 120cm15cm x 25cm 
Cilantro 420cm15cm x 25cm 
Collards 230cm30cm x 40cm 
Fennel (Herb) 135cm30cm x 40cm 
Garlic 1915cm10cm x 25cmPlant in fall and harvest in June/July.
Kale 440cm35cm x 45cmWill overwinter.
Lettuce (Crisphead) 925cm20cm x 30cm 
Lettuce (Leaf) 1510cm10cm x 15cm 
Mache 615cm15cm x 15cmCan be weedy (prolific self-seeder) so best to keep in a pot.
Mint 120cm15cm x 25cm 
Mizuna 425cm20cm x 30cm 
Mustard 515cm15cm x 15cm 
Nasturtium 130cm30cm x 30cmEdible plant/flower. Will die off in winter.
Onion (Fall planted) 1015cm15cm x 25cm 
Onions (Green) 410cm10cm x 10cm 
Other (Small) 910cm10cm x 10cmCut and come again lettuce for multiple harvests. Winter Blend a good choice from West Coast Seeds.
Parsley 215cm10cm x 25cm 
Peas 2010cm10cm x 20cmPlant now for fall harvest.
Radish 1710cm10cm x 20cmCan be sown multiple times for continual harvest.
Sage 130cm30cm x 40cm 
Sorrel 130cm30cm x 30cm 
Spinach 820cm20cm x 30cm 
Swiss Chard 435cm30cm x 40cm 
Tatsoi 420cm20cm x 20cm 

Planting Times

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